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Homeschool Outdoor Program - Portland, Oregon

Join the Trackers Homeschool Outdoor Skills Program!
A Fall to Spring program that teaches outdoor skills 1-day a week.
Learn Forest, Farm, and Mariners Craft.

Rolling Registration Enrollment is still open for specific days. Tuition is prorated at the start date.

Homeschool Outdoors

A homeschool program where kids can make new friends while learning skills of outdoor leadership. They share in adventures with a team of like-minded peers. Expert Outdoor Educators guide students to explore the following crafts:

Wilderness Survival & Forest Craft Learn skills of shelter, fire with no matches, and outdoor safety. Train archery and woodworking for forest craft. Follow the trails of deer, elk, fox, and more.

Homestead & Farm Craft Delve into the amazing world of wild plants. Help tend to goats, sheep, and chickens on the Trackers Ranch. Plant gardens to grow throughout the year.

Fishing & Mariners Craft Learn to forage for food by the water. Hunt for fish or crawdads. Cook your catch over the campfire. Read maps and learn to navigate by sky and compass.

Handwork & Artisan Craft Study Earth-based arts and crafts. Create handwork and tools, from fiber arts to stone work. Use what you make while practicing outdoor skills.

Different age groups have customized learning experiences.
Ages 4-5 ∙ Ages 6-7 ∙ Ages 8-9 ∙ Ages 10-12 ∙ Ages 13-16

Our Homeschool Mentors are experienced educators teaching authentic skills. They are facilitators of thoughtful growth through the power of nature and community.

How It Works

Mentoring Days 1-day a week, Fall to Spring
At our Weekly Mentoring Days, Homeschool Students join a team of friends learning in nature with our Teachers. For flexibility, we offer two drop-off locations and four different days (register below):

W Portland 6100 SW Raab Rd Options one day a week—Monday
SE Portland 4617 SE Milwaukie Ave Options any day of the week—Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday

Optional Community & Family Programs Dates Vary
Homeschool students and immediate family get free admission to Archery Range and Community Events.

Additional Options...

Ages 4-5 Rovers Forest Days is a separate program that takes place every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. This age group builds the foundations of comfort and confidence in the outdoors. Learn more

Rolling Registration Enrollment is still open for specific days. Tuition is prorated at the start date.

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More Options

Rovers (Ages 4 - 5)

Sept-June, 1-5 days a week

Programs for our youngest campers.
1-3 days a week Rovers Forest Days
5 days a week Forest Kindergarten

Afternoon Skills

Choose Afternoon Specialty Skills

Skills programs ever afternoon
Martial Arts | Archery | Ceramics
Woodworking | Blacksmithing

Weekend Programs

Sept-June, 1 weekend-a-month

Experienced mentors guide youth in outdoor skills such as wilderness surivval, farm craft, or kayaing.

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Give us a call (503) 345-3312