PPS Early Release Days
Archery, Crafts & Outdoor Camps

Do you need a camp for PPS Early Release on Wednesdays?

Grades K-5: Choose Trackers and choose adventure! When Portland Public Schools (PPS) releases early, kids can connect with friends for awesome Trackers activities. They can craft hands-on projects in our pottery studio or woodworking shop, train in archery, create characters for epic role-playing games, or explore the outdoors and connect with nature.


Top 3 Reasons to Choose Trackers

Decades Experience

For 20 years, Trackers has focused on empowering both adults and youth with essential wilderness survival skills, fostering a resilient and knowledgeable community.


Voted Best classes and camps by Portland families with local parent magazines. Community support fuels our dedication to providing exceptional educational programs.

Expert Educators

This program is led by expert teachers from our year-round staff. They are experienced educators compensated with wages and benefits exceeding the field.

Choose Your Camp

Conveniently located at our NE Portland or SE Portland sites, we offer PPS Early Release classes and camps to fit everyone's interests. These include fantastic adventures in archery, role-playing games, and outdoor skills, as well as arts and craft programs in ceramics, woodworking, sewing, jewelry making, and blacksmithing. At Trackers, you choose your camp and choose your adventure!

Action-Packed Camps

Find action-packed camps that cultivate teamwork and encourage exploration and adventure. Journey outdoors, shoot arrows, or explore fantastic realms of role-playing.

Grades K-2 Archery: Bows, Arrows & Throwing Arts Develop precision and focus with our indoor archery program, perfect for aspiring archers.

Grades K-5 Outdoor Skills: Stealth, Tracking & Wilderness Survival Our Trackers Bus journeys to nearby wilderness sites—learn skills such as stealth, tracking, and wilderness survival.

Grades 2-8 Role-Playing Games: Dragons, Dungeons & Dice Create characters and embark on epic adventures, building storytelling and teamwork skills.

Arts & Craft Camps

Discover arts and crafts camps that nurture creativity and artistic expression. Explore different mediums and skills, creating hands-on projects to take home.

Grades K-2 Nature Arts & Crafts: Clay, Wood & Paint Create beautiful art pieces using materials from nature, fostering creativity and connection.

Grades K-5 Woodworking: Tools, Carving & Craft Craft functional and artistic wooden pieces, developing carpentry skills and creativity.

Grades K-5 Pottery Studio: Earth, Wheel & Fire Mold and sculpt clay into beautiful and functional pottery pieces, exploring the hands-on art of ceramics.

Grades 1-5 Jewel Craft: Gems, Beads & Wire! Design and create unique jewelry, learning techniques to craft beautiful and wearable art pieces.

Grades 2-5 Sewing Craft: Design, Pattern & Create! Learn the basics of sewing and create your own projects, developing useful and fun skills.

Grades 4-8 Blacksmithing: Anvil, Forge & Fire Experience the ancient craft of blacksmithing, learning to shape metal into useful and artistic items.

Holiday Camps! December 18 features a festive twist on your favorite camps! We offer themes like Deck the Halls (Nature Arts & Folk Crafts) and Woodworking or Archery Elves.

Our Team

The Trackers Guide team features some of our best Trackers staff. They are mentors, guiding each day to help every cohort grow in their connection to each other, community, and nature.

  • Expertise in mentoring and outdoor skills.
  • Low student-to-guide ratio facilitating personal, team-based learning.
  • Background-checked with First Aid & CPR certification.
  • Trained in outdoor safety and the Trackers Earth curriculum.