School Year 2023-24 Portland, Oregon

Options include Monthly Weekend Apprenticeships or Weekday After School & Homeschool

Trackers Earth's long-term mentoring programs develop skills of outdoor leadership. Youth and teens discover their own connection to friends, nature, and community.


In our School Year programs, youth and teens find...

Friends & Social Connection

Guided by Trackers Educators, kids and teens discover lasting friendships and share outdoor adventures. Apprentices return year after year to study with friends and mentors.

Skills & Nature Connection

Students explore the outdoors and traditional crafts. Through hands-on discovery, they learn life lessons of resilience, thoughtfulness, and meaningful connections to the natural world.

Mentoring & Leadership

Apprenticeships cultivate leadership skills rooted in community and stewardship. Our Mentors are experienced educators, guiding students to take ownership of their own learning.

Explore School Year programs!

After School Bus
Grade K-1 / 2-5 We pick-up from designated schools or you can self transport. Includes archery, folk craft, martial arts, role-playing games & outdoor skills. Art Studio single day classes available. *self transport options available.

Weekly Outdoor Adventures

Age 6-8 / 9-12 Forest homeschool: wilderness survival, archery, boats, crafts & more! Realms Homeschool option also available!

Monthly Weekends - Fall to Spring

Grade K-5 / 6-12 Choose wilderness survival, farming, fishing, boating, climbing, ceramics, woodworking, blacksmithing & more!
Grades K-5 / 6-12 Explore exciting camp themes that celebrate the winter season.
Grades K-12 Learn new skills during no-school days & class in-service days.

Spring Break Camps 2024

Grades K-12 Celebrate warmer weather with fun Spring camps. Basecamp (onsite) and Adventure (transport) options.