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Trackers Outdoor School (Fridays)
Nature Skills - Portland & Gresham

Do you attend a charter school that runs Monday to Thursday? Get outdoors on Fridays! Kids find incredible friends while adventuring with expert Trackers Guides. In the forest, train in archery and wilderness survival. On the water, discover fishing and boating adventures. At our farm, help care for our animals and gardens. In our artisan studio, create folk crafts from wood and clay. Choose from our SE drop-off site or arrange pick-up at your school.


Trackers Outdoor School is a Friday outdoor immersion program for families who attend charter schools that run Monday to Thursday. We cultivate curiosity, creativity, and connection. Our expert Trackers Guides act as mentors to youth and teens learning in a small team of fellow outdoor explorers. Kids share epic adventures while learning fantastic outdoor skills.

Our Educational Philosophy

Our unique educational philosophy focuses on creating a deeper connection to community, nature, and social-emotional well-being.

  • Friends & Community: Kids learn together in small teams, building social support within their cohort. We teach skills of independence to empower everyone to contribute to their community.
  • Multi-Generational: Our mentors begin with a developmental curriculum for different age groups, adapting adventures to our cohorts' interests. We offer opportunities for leadership to encourage multi-generational learning.
  • Natural World: We get outdoors to thoughtfully increase a child's comfort and adaptability. We learn skills of connection and caretaking for the natural world.
  • Awareness: We practice being present with our peers and environment. We connect to how a child's unique gifts can inspire them to care for their community and nature.

Learn Trackers Skills

Adventuring outdoors entails learning with the seasons. During our journey, each seasonal term draws from the curriculum of our Four Guilds. Our Rangers Guild trains in archery and wilderness survival. Our Mariners Guild goes fishing and boating. Our Wilders Guild helps out with farm animals and gardens. Our Artisans Guild teaches natural arts & folk crafts.

Fall Term (8 weeks total) Explore the forest through fantastic Rangers skills such as archery, wilderness survival, and outdoor safety. Learn to build shelters and light fires with no matches. Visit our Wilders farms and animals. Early in fall, go fishing with our Mariners and more.

Winter Term (8 weeks total) During these cooler days, spend part of your time in our Artisans Studios. Delve into nature and folk crafts from woodcarving, ceramics, and more. When the sun shines, get back outdoors to train in epic games of forest stealth and animal tracking. Engage on wilderness adventures focused on outdoor camp, wood, and fire craft.

Spring Term (8 weeks total) Travel to the farm to help care for animals and forage for wild plants with our Wilders. Explore our local waterways, fishing and boating with our Mariners. Continue your Rangers training, building on outdoor survival, archery, and stealth skills.

Our Team

The Trackers Outdoor School team features some of our best Trackers staff. They are Mentors, guiding each day to help every cohort grow in their connection to each other, community, and nature.

  • Expertise in mentoring and outdoor skills.
  • Low student-to-guide ratio facilitating personal, team-based learning.
  • Background checked with First Aid & CPR certification.
  • Trained in outdoor safety and the Trackers Earth curriculum.

Our Place

Our Outdoor School uses buses or vans for transport from our in-town site or schools to wilderness locations. For Rangers skills like archery or wilderness survival, we go to our 351-acre Wilderness Camp in Sandy, Oregon. Wilders skills are taught at our farm with donkeys, goats, chickens, and more. Mariner skills involve exploring local waterways. When the weather calls for it, we might create hands-on nature and folk crafts indoors at our Artisans studio.

Choose Your Schedule

Fall Term Sept 23, 2024 - Nov 15, 2024 (8 weeks total)
Winter Term Dec 2, 2024 - Feb 14, 2025 (8 weeks total)
Spring Term Mar 3, 2025 - May 9, 2025 (8 weeks total)

Save over $500 with our Year Discount registering for all three seasons, or choose one season at a time. We offer make-up days for weather-related postponements.


SCHEDULE - Trackers Outdoor School - Fridays

Grades K-1 / 2-3 / 4-5 / 6-10
  • September 27, 2024 - Field Friday
  • October 4, 2024 - Field Friday
  • October 11, 2024 - Field Friday
  • October 18, 2024 - Field Friday
  • October 25, 2024 - Field Friday
  • November 1, 2024 - Field Friday
  • November 8, 2024 - Field Friday
  • November 15, 2024 - Field Friday
  • December 6, 2024 - Field Friday
  • December 13, 2024 - Field Friday
  • December 20, 2024 - Field Friday
  • January 17, 2025 - Field Friday
  • January 24, 2025 - Field Friday
  • January 31, 2025 - Field Friday
  • February 7, 2025 - Field Friday
  • February 14, 2025 - Field Friday
  • March 7, 2025 - Field Friday
  • March 14, 2025 - Field Friday
  • March 21, 2025 - Field Friday
  • April 11, 2025 - Field Friday
  • April 18, 2025 - Field Friday
  • April 25, 2025 - Field Friday
  • May 2, 2025 - Field Friday
  • May 9, 2025 - Field Friday