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Outdoor Kindergarten
Forest, Farm & Village

Join our fully immersive Outdoor Kindergarten Program!

Imagine a school where the forest is the classroom. Welcome to Trackers Outdoor Kindergarten. Our unique educational program combines nature exploration, wilderness skills, and play-based learning to provide young children with a rich and meaningful educational experience. Our Outdoor Kindergarten runs Monday through Thursday, with an optional Friday STEAM + Literacy day.

Coming Fall 2024!

Class begins for Fall 2024. Contact us to learn more!

Join Your Class!

In our forest classroom highly-trained educators lead daily adventures in the great outdoors. Children discover real skills while connecting with the natural world. Together in a team, Outdoor Kindergarten kids…

  • Adventure outdoors with their class while playing together and learning real Outdoor Skills.
  • Practice being self-directed and staying safe while learning to care for themselves and nature.
  • Contribute while learning about healthy stewardship for family, community, and the natural world.
  • Connect with friends while learning to be thoughtful and Truly Helpful with each other.

Learn Trackers Skills

Trackers Outdoor Preschool is divided into three seasonal terms where children play and grow with the skills of our four Trackers Guild: Rangers, Wilders, Mariners, and Artisans. While each season features one specific Guild, we include experiences and activities from other Guilds as well.

Fall Term (13 Weeks) features our Rangers Guild teaching outdoor skills of stealth, archery, and wilderness survival. We learn the ancient art of animal tracking, following the trails of bobcat, rabbit, red fox, and deer!

Winter Term (12 Weeks) features our Artisans Guild teaching in the art studio, where we craft from nature using clay, leather, wood and more. We also embark on immersive adventures that teach about the natural world.

Spring Term (9 Weeks) features our Wilders & Mariners Guilds teaching skills of earth and water. We dig in the garden, forage wild plants, and caretake the land fishing, catch crawdads and frogs, and cook over a campfire.

As our Kindergartners grow to become young Trackers, they follow the trails of deer, rabbits, and foxes to discover their mysteries. They also learn to decode bird language, using forest songs and calls to help find other wildlife.

Find Your Potential

At Trackers Outdoor Kindergarten, we believe that time spent in nature is crucial for the healthy development of young minds and bodies. Our program is led by highly trained educators who are passionate about working with young children and dedicated to helping each student reach their full potential.

Learn More

We are proud to offer this special opportunity to the children in our community and look forward to sharing the wonders of the natural world with you and your family. If you're interested in learning more about our program, please get in touch with us to join one of our Open Houses. We can't wait to show you all that we have to offer!