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Join Trackers Earth for a truly old-school overnight camping adventure!

This is real camping! Trackers Overnight Camps are 100% outdoors and in the fresh air. We camp out under the stars while connecting with friends and nature. Each student has their own tent and we eat all meals outside.

Authentic Experience

Overnight camps are for middle school and high school Trackers. Groups are small, forming camping cohorts of no more than 20 campers with two highly experienced Trackers Guides. These overnight backcountry camps are set in beautiful, exciting wilderness locations where we foster self-reliance and independence while developing lifelong camping and adventuring skills.

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Overnight Camp Update - June 24

Overnight groups work together throughout the week between the older and younger groups. Each theme is independent, for example Mariners will not join with Rangers. However, Rangers grade 5-8 groups will do activities with grade 9-12 groups. Program enrollments are divided on our website to ensure balance between the grades. Please contact us at hello@trackersearth.com for any questions!

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