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Wildlife & Animal Tracking

We track to find the animal. The ancient art and science of tracking requires deep awareness and knowledge of the natural world. We don't simply track the deer you read about in a field guide. Our methodology insists that you get to know the animal you are following as an individual. We quickly go beyond academic theory to a level where you study and learn about individual animals.

No animal is an island. They live their lives completely interdependent to the wild around them. These stories can be some of the most engaging aspects of tracking. Where do the deer leave their fawns while they feed on the willow? How many bear share this apple tree and where do their territories overlap? Are coyotes absent because the cougar is now in the area? Tracking is how we answer these questions.

Core Programs for Wildlife Tracking...

Animal Tracking Basics
This class serves as inspiration and introduction into the world of Wildlife and Animal Tracking. It teaches the basic skills required for our Pathfinder Certificaiton and Rangers Guild: Trackers Level 1 and beyond.
9-month Immersion
Join us 1-weekend a month for 9-months in an immersive learning community as you master the art and science of tracking. Graduates of this course develop a set of critical tools rarely found in any wildlife sciences or tracking training program.
Animal Tracking: Core Skills Overnight
This overnight animal tracking course introduces the naturalist to an entirely new way of seeing the wilderness. We address all the core skills of animal tracking: track identification, gaits, track aging and habitat. We also take your further than other animal tracking courses, giving you key tools to develop the ability to track wildlife over any terrain.

About Trackers Tracking Courses

Other tracking courses often focus on rudimentary skills such as identification or animal gaits. Our course insists on more in-depth abilities such as rapid assessment, real-time trailing and finding tracks in any terrain. Developing this depth requires intensive personal field time from our participants. Weigh this commitment carefully before choosing our class. We aim to take you far beyond the limits of the field guide.