Employment with Trackers Earth

Portland, Oregon

Working with Trackers Earth can be a unique experience. Founded in 2004, we're an eclectic mix of raucous pirates. We can be seen as the odd and interesting school of wilderness skills. And we also have gained a great reputation with our parents, growing into one of the most well-known outdoor camps around.

About Us

We've won awards for best camp programming. We've grown to serve several thousand students a year. But we also realize that's not what's important, it's how we serve our community.

Seasonal Camp Positions

2021 Summer Camps

Work as an educator with our award-winning summer camps with an incredible community of highly skilled educators.
June 2021 - August 2021

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Full-Time CDL Bus Driver

Trackers Earth is hiring licensed Commercial Drivers for our Portland summer camp programs. We are looking for qualified seasonal, full-time staff to drive a variety of commercial vehicles and full-size 84-passenger school buses. 

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Other Positions

Forest School Teacher

Join the Trackers Forest School and work with your own class outdoors and in nature 5 days-a-week (Sept to June). We seek mentors and teachers who see the wilderness as a teacher. This position is full-time, year-round, and goes beyond simply a job, it connects you to a community.

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Our Four Guilds

Trackers has its own lore that makes its curriculum more interesting. Our programs feature Four Guilds. Nerdy yes, but it works. Here’s the story of the guilds. They have their own integrated logos and style. When the story is useful, we use it. When it’s not, we go with better ideas. One of our core values:

All models are wrong, some are useful.

So we present our own wrong but useful model:

The Rangers Guild survives as the hunters and protectors of the Village. Versed in the arts of Forest Craft, they train in wilderness survival, tracking, and awareness. They are the eyes and ears of the Village, living completely with the land and tending to it, invisible as the Wind.

The Wilders Guild lives as caretakers, restoring the land to what it once was... and beyond. Through Folk Craft and Wisdom they tend to the balance of the Village, guiding the needs of the people into harmony with the rhythms of life in all seasons, rooted in the Earth.

The Mariners Guild fish and tend to the creeks, rivers, and oceans. Mariners chart their course by the stars, currents, and tides. In trade and salty wisdom, they demand Respect for all the life found in the depths of the Waters.

The Artisans Guild opens our eyes to noble purpose and possibilities. They act as our story keepers; travelers bare-of-foot, walking and sleeping under the twilight sky. They ask one and all: Always keep the hearth fire burning, Remember our story.

Fantastic & Intelligent Conversation

Flexibility: We want people who are quick, thoughtful, generous, and understanding about solving challenges. We thrive with people who find opportunity in complexity and never let themselves be overwhelmed. We need people who don’t make a practice of blaming others for challenges they encounter. When they observe something that concerns them, they don't add it to a laundry list to be addressed later, but instead, you ask helpful questions of the right people, right away. Now you know about...

The Riddle: Like many aspects of Trackers, navigating its intensity is a series of fantastic riddles we will never solve that lead us to fantastic challenges and possibilities. And that takes us to...

Conflict: More than just an employer, Trackers Earth is a community. That makes us awesome, but it also adds a flip-side—if you don't genuinely like, respect, and care about people, if you don't prioritize relationships over your ego's need to win, you probably won't last long here.

We don't avoid or pretend conflict doesn't exist. We strive to utilize it intelligently for the health of the village. It plays out in our camps and how we approach life. We can always do it better. And that brings us to...

The Code of Common Sense

Pay Attention: Push the edges of your awareness: eyes, ears, and all your senses. Keep an open mind and heart. Don't restrict yourself with a narrow view of things. The challenges and opportunities Nature provides often go unseen. Pay Attention to the spaces and places most people ignore.

Be Truly Helpful: Understand the difference between what you believe is helpful and what is Truly Helpful. Complaining about being cold and hungry is not helpful. Building a campfire or catching fish is helpful. When you put the needs of your community first, you become Truly Helpful.

Respect: Many think surviving in nature means struggling against it. Yet, like a Mariner sailing the currents of the sea, we can Flow with nature. Take the time to experience the true way of things: creeks, plants, animals, birds, trees, wind, clouds, stars, sun, and moon. By giving your time, appreciation and Respect, you become part of their Flow.

We're doing it wrong, let's do it better: Perfect is boring. There's no perfect way to shoot a bow or weave a basket. There is only progress. Be excited that you're always doing it wrong and there are countless ways to improve. Like the plants, animals and even mountains, you never stop growing. You can always Do It Better! This one ethos is what makes Trackers Earth very difficult to work with for some people and incredibly relevant for others.