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Wilderness Survival Basics
Shelter, Water, Fire, Food

This 8-hour program offers a comprehensive introduction to Wilderness Survival & Forest Craft skills!

Discover the knowledge and experience necessary to stay safe and comfortable in the wilderness. Our expert instructors guide you through hands-on, interactive lessons on building shelter, starting a fire, finding water, and foraging for food.

What We Teach

This 1-day class teaches bushcraft skills with the importance of being prepared. We address how to develop the right mindset for any survival situation. You learn how to stay calm, think clearly, and make smart decisions, even in challening situations.

Beyond survival, you learn skills that help us to thrive in both the modern and wild world. From our introduction to edible plants to learning about animal tracks and trails, nature becomes a place of bounty and connection as we focus on stewardship for the places we live.

Choose You Session

Wilderness Survival Basics are a 1-day weekend class. There is no prerequisite. See below for available session dates.

  • 1-day class (9:00 AM - 4:00 PM) This 8-hour course introduces the foundations of wilderness survival and bushcraft skills: shelter, water, fire, and staying found. Learn how to stay safe in the outdoors while connecting to nature.


Wilderness Survival Basics takes place at our private wilderness sanctuary—an exclusive location that allows us to engage in hands-on bushcraft activities.

Interested in a long-term program? Check out our 8-month Wilderness Survival Immersion! From September to April, intensively train in a learning community during montly weekend overnights.