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$25 - Trackers Kids Night Out
Archery, Movies & More - Evenings

Parents, it's time for you to enjoy a well-deserved night out while your kids have a blast at Trackers Kids Night Out! Drop off your children at Trackers for their own evening of activities such as archery, crafting, role-playing games, play Goblin Market, and even epic movies. Each night promises a new adventure and the chance to connect with new and old friends!


How It Works

While your kids are having the time of their lives, you can have your own worry-free evening. Feel free to use this time to get out on the town or simply relax for some time yourself. We've got your little ones covered, so you can have the break you deserve.

Trackers Snacks!

Popcorn is provided for the kids, and our concession stand will be open if they want to buy additional snacks. It's the perfect opportunity for you to enjoy a parents' night out, knowing your children are in a safe and exciting environment.

Trackers Kids Night Out - where kids have fun, and parents get a well-deserved break! Join us every Friday at our NE Portland, and let the adventure begin for your kids (and you)!

Resumes Next Fall

Kids Night Out opportunities are put on pause from May to September as Trackers prepares and provides our award-winning Summer Camps.

Check out our Summer Camp options here!