Open House

Fall and Year Round Programs

Upcoming Fall Program Open House August 19, 2015

All Trackers families and kids
Fall Program Open House
August 19, 2014, 6 PM - 8 PM
Trackers Earth Portland | 4617 SE Milwaukie Avenue, Portland, Oregon
Learn more about our fall and year-round programs

Bring the family, have fun and learn more about Trackers fall and year-round courses. This open house offers hands-on activities found in our after school, homeschool, preschool and weekend apprenticeship programs.

Parents and kids get to meet Trackers instructors and coordinators while our community outreach staff answers any questions about payment plans, financial aid and enrollment. Finally, Trackers founders Molly and Tony Deis discuss their vision for long-term mentoring and outdoor leadership.

Optional activities include:

  • Fire with no matches (bow drill, flint & steel) with Rangers (All Ages)
  • Knife and woodcarving safety with Rangers (Grade 1 & up)
  • Spinning wool and fiber arts with the Wilders (All Ages)
  • Archery at our indoor range with the Rangers (Grade 1 & up)
  • Blacksmithing at the forge with the Artisans (Grade 4 & up)

Many returning students and families may attend, giving you a chance to meet the greater Trackers community. You also get a sneak peek at our new location in preparation for its grand opening September 27. From our family to yours, we look forward to seeing you there!

Come learn more and get hands-on demonstrations for the following programs:


1 weekend a month, Fall to Spring - Apprenticeships feature long-term training in outdoor skills, leadership and craft with experienced mentors.

Ages 4-Grade K
Rovers Apprenticeship Outdoor skills for our youngest campers.
Grade 1-4 & 5-12
Rangers Apprenticeship Wilderness survival, stealth, archery, tracking and more.
Grade 1-4 & 5-12
Wilders Apprenticeship Wild plants, homesteading, animal care and restoration gardening.
Grade 2-4 & 5-12
Archery Apprenticeship Join an archery team. Train in private indoor and outdoor ranges.
Grade 5-12
Blacksmithing Apprenticeship Learn the craft of blacksmithing with experienced instructors.
Grade 5-12
Mariners Apprenticeship Fishing, kayaking and boat building. Ocean and river harvest.

Weekly Programs

Every week, 1-5 days a week - Our weekly programs take place on school days and include after school options, homeschool and preschool.

Grade 1-5 & 6-8
Transported After School from Abernathy, Richmond, Hayhurst, Winterhaven & Woodstock.
Grade 2-5 & 6-12
Archery After School Drop off for 4-week sessions (one afternoon a week).
Grade 4-5 & 6-12
Blacksmithing Afer School Drop off for 4-week sessions (one afternoon a week).
Grade PK-K
Rovers Forest Preschool Weekly adventures for preschool age kids. Fall, winter and spring.
Ages 6-5 & 6-17
Homeschool Outdoors Outdoor leadership and skills through collaborative learning.