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Find your first job with Trackers Earth!

Trackers Earth is a youth organization that inspires kids to navigate real challenges. We believe they can truly contribute, developing the grit and character they need to thrive!

As a Teen Intern or Lead Guide, earn towards education and savings, build your resume, grow your own Trackers Skills.

Guide & inspire kids to learn...

Forest Craft, Archery & Wilderness Survival
Animal Care, Homesteading & Wild Plants
Mariners Craft, Fishing & Boating
Outdoor Adventure, Kayaking & Climbing
Woodworking, Ceramics, Blacksmithing & more!
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Educator Roles

Trackers offers seasonal roles for Teens.
Train in camps & programs. Get your first Trackers job. Develop professional skills.

Intern Guide (Camp Educator)

Meet and greet campers during check-in and check-out. Play games, and prepare them for adventure.

  • Required Excitement for outdoor education, 14 years & up
  • Pay $15.00 - $15.25 per hour
  • Career and professional development.
  • 25% off all Trackers Earth programs.
  • Mon - Fri, 7AM - 9AM / 2PM - 4PM.

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Lead Guide (Outdoor Educator)

Meet and work with kids outdoors while sharing new skills. Work with coordinators mentoring youth in outdoor education.

  • Required Enthusiasm for Trackers programs. 16 years & up
  • Pay $17.25 - $23.25 per hour, pay add-ons for certifications
  • Career and professional development.
  • 25% off all Trackers Earth programs.
  • Mon - Fri, 9:15 AM - 2:00 PM.

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Program educators are not assigned to a fixed worksite.
Leads Meets at field site. With free shuttle usually available from Check-In/Check-Out location.
Interns Meets morning or afternoon at Check-In/Check-Out locations.


Our flexible training times going into summer accommodates school year schedules. Part of your training may occur online, while others sections are in-person. Please Note Training pays Minimum Wage. During your normal teaching and work schedule your regular pay scale applies.

Seasonal Schedule

Teen Interns and Leads train on the weekends during the Summer.

Cohort D Interns/Leads (Weekend Trainings + June 13-Aug 26)

About Trackers

Since 2004, kids and extended families in all their forms have journeyed on adventures with Trackers Earth and our Guides. We share the Arts of Tracking through stewardship and enduring outdoor skills.

We commit to developing opportunity by respecting the diverse cultures and values of every Guide, youth, and family serving with us.

We endeavor to grow with families for the increased accessibility of these experiences.

We define ourselves by an ever deeper kinship to the more than human world, multi-generational character, and the principles discovered and found in the quietest moments with the forest.

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