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Outdoor Leadership Immersion

9-months, 3-days a week

The Outdoor Leadership Immersion combines wilderness skills and innovative education to re-engage with traditional ways of living. Spend 9-months deepening your connection to nature and generating greater respect for the land and the timeless human story.

FREE Trackers Immersion Informational Night

When April 12, 2017, 6 PM - 7:30 PM
Where Trackers Earth Portland 4617 SE Milwaukie Avenue

Come explore our year-round adult courses. Learn about our 3-day a week Outdoor Leadership Immersion and our monthly study programs in wilderness survival, homesteading, blacksmithing or archery. Meet our instructors and current students. Discover how long-term immersion in traditional skills strengthens your connection to nature and community.



The Outdoor Leadership Immersion curriculum advances you through wilderness skills, folk craft, and team development. Most field days and projects are interdisciplinary and encompass many topics.

Wilderness Survival

Find your shelter, water, fire, and food. Craft with stone, bone, fiber and fire. Navigate and stay safe in the wilderness. Develop essential safety knowledge for long-range wilderness travel.

Archery + Bow Making

Develop functional field technique for using the bow in a wilderness setting. Improve form and accuracy. Handcraft your own wood bow and arrows. Make stone tools.

Wild Plants

Restore the wilderness. Weave human livelihood into it. Create a Wilder Culture Design Project that stewards the land, connecting the woods and human village.

Blacksmith & Folk Craft

Forge your own bladed tool for forest craft and survival. Work leather for functional clothing. Delve into other traditional folk craft, including fiber arts and weaving.

Homestead Collective

Your class joins a shared farm plot at our 90-acre campus in Sandy, Oregon. As a class community, you raise food for your pantry and the year-ending harvest celebration.

Outdoor Leadership

Learn educational skills to help share what you learn, giving greater value to all our work. Cultivate the most ancient human survival tool - the power of the story.

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Quick Stats

September 19, 2017 - May 17, 2018 with holiday breaks. Weekly training days Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The program also has overnight camping weeks and expeditions.

Field days usually take place at one of our two wilderness locations in Sandy, Oregon (total of 170 acres). Other Field days, include excursions to other sites for harvesting and expeditions. A shuttle to these locations from our SE Portland campus is included.

$467 non-refundable deposit, with 12-payments of $794 (total tuition $9,995). 

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Outdoor Leadership

Become an ambassador for a culture that needs to exist. Join a community profoundly connected to the land. The Outdoor Leadership Immersion offers a year of hands-on experiences in bushcraft and ancient skills.

Get Immersed

We cook a fantastics meals of wild oyster mushrooms and turkeys raised by our class. You tan hides and sew them together for your clothing. We harvest chestnuts and grind them into flour for bread. You carve a bow with a knife that you forged. We work on baskets, felt wool, and flintknap stone tools. You learn to follow the trails of wild animals: deer, bobcat, coyote, and cougar. All this in preparation for our 1-week Bushcraft & Wilderness Survival Expedition.

Land Included

Throughout the program, students share a farm plot at the Trackers site in Sandy, Oregon for 1-year. Under the guidance of expert educators, you learn to homestead this plot while also harvesting as a collective for your own pantry and table. This space includes:

Vegetable Garden plot

Egg and poultry shares

Livestock shares

Personal & Professional Development

Trackers is one of the largest employers of bushcraft, primitive skills and folk craft instructors in the country. We truly understand what type of personal and professional development is vital for this field. Many of our immersion students have continued to work with us as educators. Through this experience, we certify your completion of the program, its skill sets, and course work.


The year culminates with a weeklong Bushcraft & Wilderness Survival Expedition in the Spring. You carry the knife you forged and the primitive survival kit you crafted, along with all the knowledge and experience cultivated over your 9 months in the Outdoor Leadership Immersion.

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